Jordan Brooke Fuqua

The 50th Louisiana Pecan Festival Queen

Jordan Brooke Fuqua is the 18 year old daughter of Lloyd Fuqua and Shayne Everett and is a native of Pineville, Louisiana. Being from central Louisiana, the Louisiana Pecan Festival has always been a staple in Jordan’s life. So much so that being named Miss Louisiana Pecan Festival has always been a dream of hers. Jordan enjoys physical fitness, duck hunting, fishing, shopping, and traveling to fairs and festivals. Her future plans include earning her Bachelors Degree in Fashion Merchandising and pursuing her dream of becoming an internationally known online businesswoman as well as becoming a successful realtor.

Jordan will spend her reign traveling across the state of Louisiana to different fairs, festivals and events representing and promoting the Louisiana Pecan Festival and the state's pecan industry.

Stay tuned to follow updates on Queen Jordan's year!

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